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Lawrence D. Bell Aircraft Museum
The Museum is opened Sundays 1-5 pm thru Sep 27th; Saturdays and weekdays
by appointment only. Bell Aircraft Museum welcomes new board members
Alice Keirn and David Smythe. "Rotors Over Mentone 2020" photos have been
uploaded to the Image Gallery. Check it out! Please continue to stay healthy and
safe this Fall.

Evening Bingo at the Bell Museum on Thursday, Sep 17th

Bingo at the Museum - An Evening Event
Join us again for another evening of bingo on Thursday, Sep 17, 2020 at the Bell Museum,
starting at 6:00 pm for regular bingo and 5:30 for early birds. Doors open at 4:30 pm.
Cost is $15.00.

Bell Aircraft Museum Opens for Sunday Tours

Starting on June 14th, people can now start visiting the Lawrence D. Bell Aircraft Museum.
Times-Union's interview with Bell Museum Board's President Tim Croy and board member
Linda Cochran. Croy said the museum will be open every Sunday this summer from 1 to
5 p.m. "Rotors over Mentone" will be held on Sep 12th at the museum as scheduled.

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