Bell Aircraft Museum Welcomes New Board Members

Lawrence D. Bell Aircraft Museum

On Oct 29th, the Museum's board of directors added four new board members.
They are Mr. Brian Iddles, Ms. Beth Landis, Ms. Heidi Orr and Mr. Chan Tucker.

4th Annual Rotors'n Ribs Fly-In on June 27

The Bell Aircraft Museum will once again have a tent set up at the annual Rotors'n Ribs
Fly-In scheduled for June 27th at the Goshen Airport. Numerous helicopters are expected
as well as demonstrations. If you do plan to attend, please stop by our tent!

Memorial Day Tribute Planned for May 24

The Lawrence D. Bell Aircraft Museum and the Mentone Chamber of Commerce have
partnered to present a special Memorial Day program for the community on Sunday,
May 24th.

Rotors Over Mentone 2014

Pictured above is an aerial view of "Rotors Over Mentone 2014" Event
held on Saturday, Sep 6th at the Lawrence D. Bell Aircraft Museum.
Photo courtesy of David Slone, Times-Union.

Mentone 3rd Graders Visit Museum

Pictured is one of four 3rd Grade classes from Mentone Elementary School who recently
visited the Bell Museum. The 3rd Graders were co-sponsors of the "Shoes for Huey" campaign.

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