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Lawrence D. Bell Aircraft Museum
The Lawrence D. Bell Aircraft Museum will be holding its 7th annual Rotors Over Mentone Fly-In on
Saturday, Aug 27th in Mentone, IN. The theme for the event is in the final planning stages. The
American Huey 369 will again be returning for this event. Photos from last year's fly-in and previous
year fly-ins can be found in the Image Gallery.

5th Annual Rotors'n Ribs Fly-In on Saturday, Jul 16th

The Bell Aircraft Museum will once again have a tent set up at the annual Rotors'n Ribs
Fly-In scheduled for Jul 16th at the Goshen Airport. Weather permitting, a large number
of helicopters are expected to attend as well as helicopter rides and demonstrations.
If you do plan to attend, please stop by our tent!

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