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The Lawrence D. Bell Aircraft Museum has tentatively planned Saturday, Aug 26th for next year's 8th annual Rotors Over
Mentone Fly-In. We are waiting to get confirmation of the date with American Huey 369 who will again be returning for this
event. We look forward each year to the American Huey 369 and to Goshen Helicopter Inc in offering helicopter rides to the
general public. Let's hope the weather will cooperate this next time around! Photos from this year's past fly-in and previous
year fly-ins can be found in the Image Gallery.

- We regret that the Motorcoach Tour to Branson scheduled for Apr 3-8, 2017 has been canceled.
- The Museum will be offering a Bingo Night starting on Thursday, Jan 19, 2017. The event will be held at the LDB Aircraft
Museum, 210 S. Oak St in Mentone. Doors will open at 5:00 pm with Early Birds beginning at 5:30 pm and Regular Bingo
beginning at 6:00 pm. Cost is $15.00 and pull tabs will also be sold. We also plan to have concessions. More information
to follow.

7th Annual "Rotors Over Mentone"

Robert J. Ruotolo with Board Member Tim Whetstone
in Front of Bell Museum's New Arthur Young Display

Despite Mother Nature not willing to cooperate during the morning of the fly-in, keynote speaker, Robert Ruotolo,
was however able to generate enough enthusiasm to make it worth while for those who drove to the Bell Aircraft
Museum in Mentone last Saturday.

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